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Diana L. Martinez

Education and Awards

– 2017 Super Lawyers
– 2017 Eureka Award, Collaborative Practice California
– 2016 Super Lawyers
– 2013 Rising Stars
– University of Southern California, Gould School
of Law, Los Angeles, CA – 1998
– University of California, at Riverside, Riverside,
CA, BA English Literature with honors – 1995

Specialized Training

  • Real Estate Issues to be Considered in Divorce, Julainne Waggoner, Dennis Smith, Leslee Newman – 10/2015
  • Trauma and Divorce, Patrice Courteau – 9/2015
  • Determining Child Support by Computer, Legal Aid Society of Orange County – 9/2015
  • The Collaborative Prenuptial Agreement, Beck Weaver/Prioste/Ross/Strachan – 4/2015
  • Dividing Stock Options, RSUs & Equity Awards, Crowley – 4/2015
  • Brainwriting, Buscho/Aiken – 4/2015
  • Keys to Communicating About Collaborative Practice, Falkenthal/Weber – 4/2015
  • Collaborative Rescue Squad Training: Emergency Interventions, IACP – 10/2014
  • Ethics Café, IACP – 10/2014
  • Real Learnings for the Challenges of Real World Collaborations, IACP – 10/2014
  • Comparative Law in the Collaborative Process: Leaving Entrenchment, Expanding Creativity, IACP – 10/2014
  • Can we dance if We Aren’t in the Same Ballroom? IACP – 10/2014
  • Taking the Circle Home, IACP – 10/2014
  • Handling High Conflict Clients, CDSOC – 8/2014
  • Working Effectively with Same-Gender Divorce, Walton – 4/2014
  • Managing the Addicted Family System, Cook – 4/2014
  • The Children of Shari’a, Hadjian – 4/2014
  • Beyond LGBT Family, Shuster – 4/2014
  • Interest-based Spousal Support Negotiation, Canter – 4/2014
  • Emerging From the Fog, Izzo – 4/2014
  • CA Same-Gender Couples Post Windsor and Perry, Miles – 4/2014
  • Mastering Co-Parenting Conflicts, CDSOC – 3/2014
  • Divorce Recovery Program, CDPIE – 3/2014
  • Required Changes in Family Law, Riverside County Bar Association – 2/2014
  • Premier Showing of “Split” Documentary, CDSOC – 2/2014
  • Collaborative or Cooperative. Are we on the Same Page? CDSOC – 11/2013
  • Res. Skills Series – Negotiation, Cooperative, Mediation, or Collaborative, CDPIE – 9/2013
  • The Neuroscience of Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution, CDSOC – 9/2013
  • Debriefing with Angry Clients After Challenging Meetings, CDSOC – 8/2013
  • Streamlined Collaborative Protocols, Southern California Mediation Association – 6/2013
  • Difficult Clients and Power Imbalances, CPCal – 4/2013
  • Why Peace is Elusive, CPCal – 4/2013
  • The Neuroscience of Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution, CPCal – 4/2013
  • Is Domestic Violence Always Physical? CPCal – 4/2013
  • Confidentiality in Collaborative Practice, CPCal – 4/2013
  • Divorce Options Revamped, CPCal – 4/2013
  • Streamlined Interdisciplinary Full Team Protocols, CDSOC – 2/2013
  • Coaching versus Therapy: What is the Difference? CDSOC – 1/2013
  • Coercive Partner Control & Collaborative Divorce, CDSOC – 10/2012
  • Split Decisions: Real Property Division From the Bench, Honorable Michael Gassner; Honorable Tara Reilly; Honorable Don Christian, 9/2012
  • Important Cross-Over Issues That Every Family Law Practitioner Must Know, LACBA – 3/2012
  • After Elkins: Old Change, New Change, East/West Family Law Council – 2/2012
  • The Application of Family Law Collaborative Principles to Litigation Cases, CDSOC – 2/2012
  • Collaborative Professional Team Debriefing – A Blueprint for Success, CDSOC – 1/2012
  • ARMS Essentials for Elder Family Mediation 25-Hour advanced mediation training, Bill Eddy, Jennifer Kresge, Marcia Haber – 9/2011
  • The Shadow of Elkins, High Desert Bar Association – 6/2011
  • 43rd Annual Family Law Symposium, Los Angeles County Bar Association – 5/2011
  • The High Conflict Diversion Program, Brook Olsen – 8/2010
  • 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation, Forrest Mosten – 5/2008
  • Advanced Divorce & Family Mediation Training, Los Angeles County Bar Association – 12/2007


2017 Instructor
Collaborative Divorce Education Institute, Three-day Collaborative Divorce Interdisciplinary Team Training: Fundamentals and Beyond
2017 Panelist/lecturer
Collaborative Practice California Conference XII, Becoming Culturally Competent and Ethically Responsible, Beyond Basics
2016 Panelist/lecturer
Continuing Education of The Bar, 2016 Family law Conference. Collaborative Practice Introduction
2016 Panelist/lecturer
State Bar of California, Annual Conference. Cultural Competency in Family Law: Beyond Basics.
2016 Panelist/lecturer
Cultural Competency in Family Law Practice 4th Annual Seminar: California Issues Global Experience, Pre-marital complexities (co-habitation, premarital agreements.)
2016 Present Arbitrator
State Bar of California, Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program.
2016 Present Arbitrator
San Bernardino County Bar Association, Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program.
2015 Co-Presenter
Cultural Competency in Family Practice: The New Frontiers. IALA
2015 Co-Presenter
Enrolling the Collaborative Client. CPCal Celebration 10
2014 Presenter
Enrolling the Client and Spouse. CDSOC
2014 Presenter
Cultural Complexities in Dispute Resolution. Whittier Law School
2013 Co-Presenter
Does What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas? Confidentiality in Collaborative Practice. CDSOC
2012 Co-Presenter
Cultural Complexities in Family Law. AFCC
2011 Co-Presenter
The Shadow of Elkins. High Desert Bar Association
2011 Co-Presenter
Cultural Complexities in Family Law Matters. AOC
2011 Co-Presenter
Cultural Complexities in Family Law Matters. San Fernando Valley Bar Association
2011 Co-Presenter
Cultural Complexities in Family Law Matters. CDSOC
2011-2014 Mediator, Inland Valley Justice Center
2010 – 2014 Mosten Mediation
2009-2014 Professional Mediator and Observer, Forrest Mosten, UCLA Law School Mediation Clinic.
2008 – Present
2007 – Present Collaborative Lawyer/ Legal Consultant/ & Mediator, Law Offices of Diana L. Martinez/ West Coast Mediation
2007-2012 Panel Mediator, Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles & Pomona
1998-2004 Lawyer, Martinez & Kaloyanides.
1997-1998 Certified Law Student, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Licenses and Credentials

– California State Bar License to Practice Law (SBN 198876)

Professional Affiliations

– California State Bar
– Los Angeles County Bar Association
– Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (Sitting President)
– Southern California Mediation Association
– Collaborative Practice of California
– International Association of Collaborative Professionals

Professional Publications

  • “The Effect of California Propositions 60 and 90 on Your Divorce”, an education article for the general public – 2016
  • “When 50/50 Isn’t Always Equal in a California Divorce”, an education article for the general public – 2016
  • “Spousal Support And Infidelity in a California Divorce”, an education article for the general public – 2015
  • “Mediated and Collaborated Divorce Agreements are Binding and Fully Enforceable”, an educational article for the general public – 2012
  • “The ‘Aggressive Divorce Attorney’ – Be Careful What you Wish For”, an educational article for the general public – 2011
  • “Seal Beach Shooting – A Spotlight on our Broken Divorce Court System”, an educational article for the general public – 2011
  • “A No-Win Situation: A Parent’s Destruction of a Child’s Life”, an educational article for the general public – 2011
  • “10 Tips for Moms to Productively Co-Parent”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “10 Tips for Dads to Productively Co-Parent”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “Looking Up From the Mud”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “Choosing the Right Mediator or Collaborative Attorney”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “Breaking Old Habits Can Create A Light in the Horizon”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “The Efficiency of Communication in Legal Matters”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “Solutions for Divorcing Parents in High Conflict – Parallel Parenting”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “Infidelity – Frustration in Divorce Court”, an educational article for the general public – 2010
  • “The Brighter Side of Shared Parenting Time”, an educational article for the general public – 2010

Patrice Courteau, MFT, Child Specialist, & Divorce Coach

Collaborative Solutions for Divorce, Dissolution, Separation and a wide range of family and business disputes…

Collaborative Practice:

Empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for you.

Provides you with specially trained Collaborative lawyers, mental health and financial professionals to educate, support and guide you in reaching balanced, respectful and lasting agreements.

Offers you a safe and dignified environment to reduce the conflict and minimize its impact on you, your children, your family and your life.

Marvin Chapman, MFT, CFC, Communications Mediator/Coach

Career Highlights and Awards

  • Trained as a Collaborative Divorce coach in 2004
  • Chosen by Orange County District Attorney, Family Support Division to present “The Fathers Perspective” in 2001
  • Received Community Service awards from Disneyland Resort in 2001, 2002, and 2004 for his work with fathers through his nonprofit organization.  They received the prestigious Jack B. Lindquist Award in 2004, one of the highest awards given by Disneyland Resort.
  • Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Science in Counseling, and a Doctorate of Psychology, specializing in forensic psychology
  • 1986, appointed to the California Senate Task Force on Family Equity

Carol Hughes, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist

  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Extensive Training in Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Domestic Violence, Chemical Dependency, and Trauma Recovery
  • 10 Years serving as Associate Professor of Human Services at Saddleback College

Joyce Tessier, Divorce Coach

  • Over 25 Years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    Undergraduate Degree in Behavioral Science from Cal Poly Pomona
  • Master’s Degree in Counseling from Call State Fullerton
  • Certified in Alcohol/Drug Treatment
  • Paralegal Studies from the University of La Verne
  • Founding Board Member of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals of the Inland Empire (CDPIE)
  • Member of Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County (CDSOC)
  • Member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

Cathleen Collinsworth, Financial Professional

  • Ms. Collinsworth has been retained as a Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness to provide services in the area of family law in the following principal areas:
    • Collaborative divorce financial services
    • Mediated divorce financial services
    • Cash flow
    • Tracing separate and community assets
    • Preparing the marital balance sheet
    • Business valuations
    • Other financial areas to assist the parties and the Court
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Over 20 Years of Experience in professional tax service


Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT, Child Specialist, & Divorce Coach

Areas of practice: Child and Adolescent Therapy, Collaborative Divorce, Collaborative Practice, Cooperative Divorce, Co-Parenting Issues & Visitation, Divorce Mediation, Family Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy, Mediation, Relationship Counseling


Mental health and financial professionals are not employees of West Coast Law & Mediation, APC. References to any specific professionals in this website is for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or preference by West Coast Law & Mediation, APC, or its employees. It is up to current and potential clients to research and interview each professional the client believes will be the best fit for their goals, concerns and circumstances.